Upcoming Courses

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Course FormatCourseTitleReqTopicInstructorDateStart TimeEnd Time
Virtual Course137137 Initiating, Navigating, and Negotiating the Dynamics of Change in County GovernmentCoreLeadershipDr. Rich Callahan07/1509:00 AM01:30 PM21SF137AL
Virtual Course392392 Effective Performance and Outcome based Contracting – Procuring the Right Goods/Services; Ensuring Accountability and Preventing FraudElectivePolicy and GovernanceJack Pellegrino07/2209:00 AM01:30 PM21SF382SA
Virtual Course377377 Building and Maintaining a Strong Work TeamElectiveLeadershipAdèle James07/2309:00 AM01:30 PM21SF377SA
Virtual Course385385 Sustainable Self Care for LeadersElectiveLeadershipVanessa Monroe07/2909:00 AM01:30 PM21SF385SA
Virtual Course342342 IT Performance Metrics and Customer Value ManagementElectivePolicy and GovernanceMac Avancena08/1209:00 AM01:30 PM21SF342SA
Virtual Course135135 Finding the Blind Spots: Personal and Organizational Best Practices and Strategies for Countering Implicit BiasCoreLeadershipAdèle James, M.A.08/1908:30 AM01:00 PM21SF135AL
Virtual Course378378 Story-Telling - A Powerful Way to Communicate and LeadElectiveLeadershipFrank Benest08/2709:00 AM01:30 PM21SF378SA
Virtual Course129129 Intergenerational LeadershipCoreLeadershipLarry Liberty, Ph.D.09/1609:00 AM01:30 PM21SF129AL
Virtual Course381381 Creative Budget Solutions and Innovative Service DesignElectiveLeadershipFrank Benest and Robert Bendorf09/2309:00 AM01:30 PM21SF381SA
Virtual Course313313 Performance and Accountability in a Virtual WorldElectiveLeadershipMary Kirlin09/2409:00 AM01:30 PM21SF313SA
Virtual Course116116 County Budgeting and Financial PlanningCorePolicy and GovernancePatrick Blacklock & Robert Bendorf10/0809:00 AM01:30 PM21SF116SA
Virtual Course120120 Art and Practice of Organizational LeadershipCoreLeadershipDr. Frank Benest10/1409:00 AM01:30 PM21SF120AL
Virtual Course339339 IT Define an IT Strategy and RoadmapElectivePolicy and GovernanceLiza Massey10/1409:00 AM01:30 PM21SF339SA
Virtual Course307307 Realignment 101:  The Basics of 1991 and 2011 Realignments - Day 1ElectivePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins, Andrew Pease and Robert Manchia10/2809:00 AM01:30 PM21SF307SA
Virtual Course307307 Realignment 101:  The Basics of 1991 and 2011 Realignments - Day 2ElectivePolicy and GovernanceRobert Manchia Ardee Apostol Monica Bentley10/2909:00 AM01:30 PM21SF307SA2
Virtual Course349349 IT Leadership, Dealing with a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous WorldElectiveLeadershipNate Greenberg12/0909:00 AM01:30 PM21SF349SA
Virtual Course379379 Beyond Survival: Best Practices for Personal Readiness and ResilienceElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely & Rich Callahan12/1609:00 AM01:30 PM21SF379AL