Through a blending of organizational development tools and individualized coaching, Adele is able to support nonprofit professionals in moving from understanding to action and accountability on issues of importance. Her goal, in both her organizational development consulting and career/life transition coaching, is to support others in giving voice to innate wisdom, purpose and passion with action and accountability. She has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors, and has commissioned and/or facilitated grant programs totaling $173 million throughout California. A combined experience as a funder, organizational development consultant, leadership development program staff, as well as a certified coach, have given Adele a unique set of skills and strategic understanding of what it takes to be a productive and responsive leader, team and organization. First hand knowledge has taught her both about the challenges and supports needed by leaders of color, women, underserved and underrepresented communities in order to catalyze social change. Adele works with statewide, regional and local groups in conducting program planning and design, meeting facilitation, training, grants administration, capacity building and evaluation. A native of Trinidad, West Indies, in Adele’s own life, stepping into purpose and passion has meant taking risks and allowing curiosity and intuition to move her towards the unexplored and things that make her heart smile, even when intellect has wanted to take a safer and less fulfilling route. This path has led Adele to bring the full range of her skills to bear in collaborative partnerships that support others in maximizing their capabilities and gifts in making their communities better places. In the past year Adele began worked with artists in the Caribbean to bring their stories and talents to the world. This has meant combining her organizational development and coaching skills, along with exploration of photography, towards the creation of a book about 20 indigenous and undiscovered artists in Trinidad & Tobago.