David Landis is a former Nebraska state senator, an award-winning teacher and a skilled negotiator in the public arena. As a Senator, he chaired the Revenue Committee for the Nebraska Unicameral. Many of the over 250 bills he has passed in twenty-four years in the Unicameral have been consensus measures forged by negotiation that brought contesting parties to agreement. Senator Landis has brokered legislative agreements between labor and management, utilities and ratepayers, big banks and small banks, insurance companies and trial attorneys and other seemingly intractable foes. Senator Landis has passed legislation to create a statewide network of mediation centers, establish a system for negotiated administrative rulemaking in state government, extend use of arbitration to resolve disputes and create the state labor-management collective bargaining system. His skill has been developed at training seminars at Harvard, MIT and the University of Illinois. Currently he teaches lawyers and graduate public administrators to negotiate at the University of Nebraska College of Law and the Department of Public Administration. Senator Landis has three times been the Best Teacher award winner at Doane College. His workshop clients include: Internal Revenue Service, Pacific Public Policy Program, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, State Farm Insurance Co., Western Fire Chiefs Association, Rocky Mountain Public Policy Program, California League of Cities and the Southwest Leadership Program. David graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.A., Juris Doctor, a Masters of Public Administration, and a Masters in Regional and Community Planning.