Larry is the first person in his family to have the privilege of a college education. He left University California Davis and went to Brazil as a Peace Corps volunteer for 15 months working with extreme poverty and illiteracy in small towns and in Rio de Janeiro. He completed a Master's Degree and later a Ph.D. in pursuit of understanding how individuals and organizations can best work together to produce great results. He then worked as project manager for NASA-space station researching how to create "high performance teams in space." Since 1985 he has been the driving force behind the Liberty Consulting Team, working with Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profit agencies around the globe. He has taught in international MBA programs in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany while honing his ability to understand and work with cross-cultural participants from every corner of the globe. Larry has personally trained, facilitated, consulted with and coached more than 100,000 managers and staff and is the personal and executive coach to many top leaders in the world. His passion for excelling and his ability to bring humor and perspective to each distinctive setting are hallmarks of his approach which includes and supports everyone involved.