The Foundation helps foster the next generation of public leaders by creating summer internship opportunities where undergraduates get direct exposure to state- and county-level programs and policymaking. In 2023, we hosted two future leaders:


Deborah Alagbada
Cal-in-Sac Fellow
Mentors: Brian Rutledge (Grants Director) and Catherine Freeman (Legislative Advocate)
Projects: Strategic business planning, legislative shadowing, and new program development

Tricia Sarmiento
Loveridge Fellow
Mentors: Brian Rutledge (Grants Director) and Ryan Morimune (Legislative Advocate)
Projects: Marketing strategy + legislative shadowing + new program development

As a supplement to pipelines run by California‚Äôs universities, we position ourselves as an employer of choice for UC Riverside Loveridge Fellowships, UC Berkeley Cal-in-Sac Fellowships, and other internship programs. The result is that we help students launch their careers by offering them mentorship from CSAC leaders, work experience through hands-on projects, and broad connections across the public sector. 


Interested students and campus coordinators can email Brian Rutledge, our internship coordinator, to learn more.