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CampusCourseTitleReqTopicInstructorDateStart TimeEnd Time
Sacramento389389 Communicating and Presenting Complex Issues and DataElectivePolicy and GovernanceMary Kirlin04/2310:00 AM03:30 PM20WS389SA
Sacramento399399 Make Your County Count: Marketing and Branding Advice You Can UseElective Ram Kapoor04/3010:00 AM03:30 PM20WS399SA
San Diego120120 Art & Practice of Organizational LeadershipCoreLeadershipDavid Boesch05/0810:00 AM03:30 PM20WS120SD
Sacramento316316 Unraveling Public Retirement Systems and OPEBElectivePolicy and GovernanceLaura S. Enderton05/0810:00 AM03:30 PM20WS316SA
Mendocino/Lake392392 World Class Contracting, Contract Management and ProcurementElectivePolicy and GovernanceJack Pellegrino05/1410:00 AM03:30 PM20WS392ML
Tulare324324 How to be Human at WorkCoreLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.05/1510:00 AM03:30 PM20WS324TU
Sacramento355355 Reengineering County Business PracticesElectiveLeadershipBill Chiat05/1510:00 AM03:30 PM20WS355SA
Santa Cruz122122 Leadership by Values: Strategies for Success in Public ServiceCoreLeadershipDr. Rich Callahan05/2110:00 AM03:30 PM20WS122SC
Sacramento180180 Emotional Intelligence – A Leadership Master ClassCoreLeadershipJohn Dare05/21-22/2010:00 AM03:30 PM20WS180SA
Pop-Up Campus - Mariposa County133Pop-Up Campus! 133 Polish Your WritingCore Dr. Mary Kirlin06/0410:00 AM03:30 PM20WS133PCM
Pop-Up Campus - Mariposa County134Pop-Up Campus! 134 Leading Consciously: The Science of Unconscious (Implicit) BiasCore American Leadership Forum06/0510:00 AM03:30 PM20WS134PUM
Sacramento350350 Drama at the County: Acting techniques to improve your county performanceElectiveLeadershipStacy Corless and John Gioia06/0510:00 AM03:30 PM20WS350SA
Mendocino/Lake133133 Polish Your Writing: Professional Practices in CommunicationCorePolicy and GovernanceMary Krlin, DPA06/1110:00 AM03:30 PM20WS133ML
Sacramento338338 IT Organizational CultureElectivePolicy and GovernanceInfo-Tech06/1110:00 AM03:30 PM20WS338SA
Sacramento120120 Art & Practice of Organizational LeadershipCoreLeadershipDavid Boesch06/1210:00 AM03:30 PM20WS120SA
San Diego150150 Local Governance in California: All Those Agencies! -CorePolicy and GovernanceBill Chiat06/1210:00 AM03:30 PM20WS150SD
Sacramento129129 Intergenerational LeadershipCoreLeadershipLarry Liberty, Ph.D.06/1910:00 AM03:30 PM20WS129SA
Tulare150150 Local Governance in California: All Those Agencies! -CorePolicy and GovernanceBill Chiat06/1910:00 AM03:30 PM20WS150TU