Jim Delia is the Principal Consultant with Delia and Associates. He has over 25 years of hands-on organizational development consulting, coaching and human resources experience helping county organizations and private sector companies plan and implement strategic, organizational and personal changes to improve performance and achieve better results. Jim has coached leaders to help guide and prepare them for future roles. He has also designed, developed and delivered hundreds of professional skills training workshops focused on leadership, management and communication topics for diverse groups and industries. Jim has helped leaders plan proactive succession strategies for small, mid-sized and large organizations. He has a proven track record of repeated success evidenced by the long-term relationships and repeat engagements he has with numerous clients. Before starting Delia and Associates in 2000, Jim was a Vice President, Client Services, at Right Management Consultants in San Francisco. He also held a variety of positions with the County of San Mateo focusing on human resources, organizational consulting and training. He received a B.A. from UC Berkeley.